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What is a session report?

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At the conclusion of each session, Next Level instructors write a session report that provides an overview of the session, including notes about successes, challenges, progress, and the expectations going forward, as well as the homework (if any is assigned). The session report is sent to the student’s email with a duplicate going to the parents’ email. Sometimes parents designate an additional relative, educator, or professional to receive a copy of the report. Session reports help students and parents clarify the status of their tutoring, review homework assignments, and reinforce the next steps for progress.

Session reports also allow parents to stay apprised of how things are going without necessarily having to quiz their child at the conclusion of each session. Moreover, parents can simply “reply” to a session report with feedback or a question, which will then be forwarded to a director for action and follow-up. Session reports are a valuable informational and motivational tool for students, parents, and instructors alike. Session reports also help ensure everyone is on the same page with respect to progress.

If you don’t receive an expected session report, please check your junk mail folder and whitelist the session report email address so future reports come directly to your email. You can also contact the learning center to request a session report to be resent.