Beyond College

Can You Help Students Post-College?

It’s tempting to think that life after college might not involve writing papers, doing math, or academic reading, but the reality is that “adult life” involves many of these undertakings and more. You may not have to put together a 20-page research paper on the birds in the Galapagos Islands, but you could be in a position to write a cover letter to a potential employer. You may not have to calculate derivatives of functions, but you might have to re-learn algebra and geometry to take the standardized test for graduate school applications. And you may not have to read any more historical textbooks, but you might have to study Supreme Court cases in preparation for law school.

These are just some of the college-like tasks that crop up in adulthood. If these or other tasks are stymying you, Next Level instructors can help.

What Sorts of Tasks Can a Next Level Instructor Help Me With?

Preparing for the Job Market
We can assist with the critical job application process:

  • Identify key interests, rewarding/attractive fields, and productive career paths
  • Research job opportunities and explore online resources
  • Develop an effective cover letter and résumé
  • Practice interview skills with role-playing
  • Submit applications and implement effective follow-up techniques with prospective employers

Applying to Graduate School
It’s not exactly like applying to undergraduate school, and the differences are important. Next Level knows how to negotiate this new terrain. We help adults:

  • Research ideal graduate programs to target
  • Plan an application, visitation, and interview strategy
  • Research favorable financial aid packages
  • Write a successful personal statement
  • Prepare for graduate admissions exams, such as the GRE

Next Level Learning also has expertise helping graduates identify and apply for job-related internships or secure positions in nonprofit organizations.

What If I Don’t See the Task I Need Help with Listed Here?

Next Level Learning has decades of experience working with all kinds of people and a wide range of tasks. If you have an unusual request for support, we will be able to help. And if it’s not something we’ve worked with before, we will help sort through the requirements of the objective and determine the ideal way to proceed.

Contact Next Level Learning to see how one-on-one tutoring with expert instructors we can help you transition from school to the next phase of your life.

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