SHSAT Tutoring – Introduction

With the exception of LaGuardia High School, students seeking to attend any of New York City’s elite Specialized High Schools are required to take the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admission Test) to be considered for admission. The competition to get into these schools is intense, and the SHSAT is challenging. No other factors—such as grades or an interview—are considered for admission, which means an outstanding test score is crucial.

There are two entry points to the Specialized High Schools, the 9th and 10th grades. The SHSAT is administered in late October or early November to 8th and 9th grade students living in New York City. The SHSAT is three hours long and consists of two multiple-choice sections in English Language Arts and Math. The 9th grade test is structured the same way but the content is significantly more challenging than on the 8th grade exam.

Next Level Learning has a proven approach to SHSAT tutoring that we have cultivated through almost two decades of teaching the SHSAT and receiving detailed feedback from students who have taken the exam. That means Next Level instructors are very familiar with the material that appears on the SHSAT.

Because the SHSAT is the first time most students are taking a standardized exam that will have a significant impact on their future, anxiety can be a significant factor for many students. While Next Level instructors and learning specialists are experts at helping students contend with anxiety, we recommend getting started on preparation at least six months prior to the test. Many students who have a specific school in mind begin preparation a full year or more before the exam.

Next Level’s highly skilled, professional SHSAT instructors know the material and are well-positioned to help students achieve their greatest potential. Please contact Next Level for more information.

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