HSPT Tutoring – Introduction

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is used for admissions by several of New York City’s most competitive Catholic high schools, including Regis, Xavier, Loyola, and Fordham. For information about specific schools, please refer to the school’s website to determine which test to take and where to go. Typically, the HSPT is administered by the Catholic school you are applying to, and the school is in charge of scoring and releasing the results.

Not only is Next Level Learning one of the few HSPT preparation centers in New York City, but our expert HSPT instructors have extensive experience structuring our tutoring to accommodate the unique personality, aptitude, and learning style of each student. Next Level’s one-on-one tutoring allows our instructors to develop an individualized approach that works best for the strengths and weaknesses of their students.

\In addition to knowing the content, strategy, timing, and shortcuts for the HSPT, Next Level instructors are very well acquainted with the New York City Catholic schools admissions process. Our instructors appreciate the pressure students feel when it’s time to take a standardized exam this will have a significant impact on their future, and they can help alleviate pressure that can lead to anxiety.

Contact Next Level Learning about our proven HSPT test prep so your child can maximize the chances of attending the Catholic high school of his or her choice.

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