College Admissions Support – Introduction

With students applying to more colleges than ever (thus driving acceptance rates down and stress up!), it has become even more imperative to create a coherent, strategic plan to ensure students are targeting schools that align with their interests while positioning themselves as viable candidates.

Through personalized one-on-one tutoring support, Next Level’s professional instructors help students in all phases of the college process: researching and developing a list of appropriate schools, creating a due-date timeline that tracks each phase of the admissions process, drafting and refining all application essays and supplements, and practicing interview skills.

Many of our students seek support with the Common Application essay. Next Level’s professional writing instructors help students brainstorm, draft, and refine their essay for a final result that will be impressive to prospective schools and increase the likelihood of acceptance. When the process is complete, students leave with essays that reflect both their unique personality as well as their potential for success. (Plus, no fights with mom or dad!)

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