Our Approach to Tutoring

At Next Level Learning, our instructors have a minimum of an undergraduate degree, and many either possess graduate degrees or are enrolled in local graduate programs. In addition to being highly proficient in the subjects they teach, Next Level instructors receive extensive training and ongoing supervision that helps them become exceptional teachers. Our comprehensive training and development program ensures our instructors are equipped with a variety of effective methods and techniques to apply in sessions with students.

Nevertheless, we recognize our instructors aren’t just distinguished educators, they are also de facto mentors, and the bond they form with students during sessions becomes a vital aspect of their work. Parents and teachers are often quite busy, and sometimes our instructors are one of the few adults focused on the details of a student’s classwork, or the intricacies of a student’s preparation for an admissions exam, and that perspective enables Next Level instructors to identify obstacles that may not be readily apparent to others. As a result, we appreciate that one of the most critical elements of successful tutoring is ensuring the instructor and student are a suitable match.

First, of course, the instructor must be an expert in the requisite subject matter and skilled at teaching the material. But more important than knowing the material, instructors must be able to quickly establish rapport and develop trust with the student, otherwise progress will be hindered. When the student is comfortable with the instructor and perceives him or her as an ally, engagement, comprehension, and learning will accelerate. While there are plenty of brilliant educators who know their fields well, being able to apply Socratic Methods and techniques in one-on-one tutoring that effectively communicate and impart knowledge to students are vital attributes we emphasize at Next Level Learning.

Tutoring in a one-on-one setting is very different than teaching a class, or even a small group, and some teachers lack the interpersonal skills necessary to excel in private tutoring. Teaching a student sitting next to you at a table is vastly different than presenting to a class. The techniques, methods, pacing, and even the tone of voice are considerably different with private tutoring.

For those reasons, Next Level directors are discerning when we assign students to instructors. We first identify obvious points of compatibility, such as musical instruments, sports, or other significant interests or extracurricular activities. Then, information supplied by parents about the objectives of tutoring, coupled with the learning style, personality, and aptitude of their child, provide the most important considerations we use to match students and instructors.

The advantage of being a smaller, more intimate learning center is that Next Level instructors are able to align their approach to each student’s distinctive needs. Rather than expecting students to conform to a predesigned template or curriculum, we design our methods, techniques, and the materials we utilize to fit each individual student. After decades of working with thousands of students, we know from experience that a well-trained, highly capable instructor elicits a level of engagement and cooperation that maximizes results and helps ensure students achieve their greatest potential.

Please contact Next Level Learning to speak to an educational consultant and find out more about how our professional one-on-one tutoring helps students prepare for standardized exams and academic subjects.