NYC High School Admissions Introduction

Navigating New York City’s varied high school admissions processes can be fraught for both students and parents. Whether students are applying to private or public schools, professional high school admissions consultants at Next Level Learning diminish anxiety by helping families develop a path for their child that is best suited to their interests and objectives.

Applying to public schools entails a variety of steps or phases, the first of which is compiling a list of 12 schools with diverse admissions methods and selectivity. These schools may then require essays, assessments, and even videos as part of their admissions rubrics. Many families add Specialized High Schools to the mix, with their famously challenging SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test) and cutoff system for families to disentangle. Lastly, admissions rubrics are typically updated from year to year and it’s not easy for parents to keep up with changes.

Students who apply to New York’s independent private high schools face a different set of tasks: taking the ISEE or SSAT, completing numerous application essays, preparing for interviews, and sending follow-up correspondence.

Whether you’re focusing on one school, one type of school, or casting a wider net, Next Level’s educational consultants help guide families through the admissions process. If you are unsure of where to start, or perhaps you know which schools to target but need support carrying out the admissions process, Next Level can help families devise a coherent strategy and path to get on track now.

Contact Next Level Learning to find out how our professional consultants support parents and students contend with the sometimes daunting task of finding the best fit for high school.