Bard High School Early College (BHSEC)

With campuses in Lower Manhattan; Newark, New Jersey; and Long Island City, Queens; Bard High School Early College is a highly competitive and elite four year NYC public school. At Bard High School, students receive a Regents Diploma after their first two years and ultimately graduate with an Associate in Arts Degree from Bard College. Students also typically graduate with up to one year of college credits (approx. 60 credits).

Next Level Learning instructors help students prepare for the Bard entrance exam and admissions interview. As with all exams for competitive schools, it is imperative for students who want to apply to Bard to get started early and avoid the additional anxiety generated by cramming. While Next Level professional instructors and learning specialists are experts at helping students contend with anxiety, we recommend getting started on preparation at least six months prior to the test.

Next Level instructors are not only skilled at helping applicants prepare for the Bard Exam, but they also help Bard students once they’ve matriculated. Bard’s curriculum is demanding and the support of a highly skilled, professional instructor familiar with Bard’s curriculum can help ensure a student maintains the high level of performance expected of Bard students.

Please contact Next Level Learning for more information about how our Bard tutoring can help your child.

Our Approach to Tutoring