ACT Tutoring – Introduction

The ACT is a college entrance exam accepted by all college admissions offices in the United States and Canada as an alternative to the SAT. Because the ACT is substantially different from the SAT, some students find it better suited to their aptitude, style, and test-taking skills. Please see this link for an overview of the differences between the ACT and the SAT.

Once a student chooses the ACT over the SAT, a professional Next Level ACT instructor will assess the student’s individual learning style, review content, timing, strategies, and shortcuts for the exam, and then focus on strengthening skills and confidence. For many students, the ACT is the first standardized exam they are taking that will have a significant impact on their life and future, and of course every student feels considerable pressure to do well. Personalized one-on-one tutoring support is the most efficient way to reduce test anxiety and improve performance. When students feel confident about their ability and preparation, they are more likely to achieve the results they seek.

As most colleges formally or informally superscore (i.e., take the highest score from each section across multiple test dates), students typically take the ACT two or three times, once or twice in the 11th grade and once in the 12th grade. We recommend students allow at least six months for ACT preparation so they’re adequately prepared to achieve their greatest potential. If you’re reading this with less time than the recommended 6+ months, we can still quickly develop strategies to accelerate ACT tutoring.

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