New York State Tests Tutoring: 3rd – 8th Grade Introduction

The New York State Tests are a series of standardized tests occurring each spring for public school children in grades 3 through 8. Each year students take a math and an ELA (English Language Arts) test. In grades 4 and 8 students also take a science test.

The tests are most important in grades 4 and 7, because results from those tests are included in applications to middle and high schools, respectively. If you are considering tutoring for your child, the fall or early spring for grades 4 and 7 are the times to schedule support. For students who need significant review, summer is an especially productive time for tutoring as students aren’t distracted with their studies and can more easily focus on catching up.

Next Level Learning provides all the materials needed for practice. Utilizing our one-on-one, customized approach for each student, our professional instructors quickly identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a comprehensive tutoring plan for the New York State tests. Some students simply need familiarization or reinforcement with the content of the test, while others benefit from a more in-depth review of various content areas. Still others need to learn how to budget their time during the test and manage anxiety.

Whatever the need, our highly trained, experienced instructors can help your child maximize his or her potential with targeted, personable help. Please contact Next Level Learning now to find out how we can ensure your child is properly prepared for the New York State tests.

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