ISEE Tutoring Introduction

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), like the similar SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), is designed to measure a student’s verbal and analytical skills as compared to those of other students in the same grade. While the two tests differ in structure and organization, both are part of the admissions process to independent day schools in New York City. Students may submit results from either the ISEE or the SSAT.

Next Level Learning Center offers a comprehensive ISEE preparation program with individualized support and proctored practice testing throughout the fall and winter exam season. Admissions support includes preparation for student interviews and all essays (including parent responses). Next Level’s ISEE experts recommend getting started at least six months prior to the test, but many students begin preparation a full year or more before the exam to help ensure they achieve their greatest potential.

Summer is a vital opportunity to prepare for this important exam and avoid cramming in the fall, which can generate additional anxiety as students experience the pressure of both returning to the new school year and simultaneously adding ISEE preparation. Because many of our students are away at camp or vacationing over summer, our expert ISEE and SSAT instructors are available via video conferencing, which is a simple process that involves downloading free software to a video device, such as an iPad, Surface, Chromebook, notebook, laptop, MacBook, or any personal computer.

Next Level’s professional ISEE instructors understand the ways in which pressure can adversely affect test results, which is why our one-on-one ISEE tutoring preparation is effective in building content knowledge and test-taking strategies, as well as helping diminish anxiety. At the conclusion of each session, the instructor sends a session report to the student and parent(s) with notes about the session that ensures everyone is on the same page with respect to progress.

It is important to recognize that private school admissions are highly competitive, and for many students the ISEE (or SSAT) will be the first time they are taking a standardized test that will likely have a significant impact on their future. It may also be the first time they experience test-taking anxiety, which can play a key role in the outcome. Getting an early start can make a substantial difference in performance and results.

Contact Next Level today to arrange for a courtesy intake meeting with our Executive Director to answer all your questions about test preparation, take the mystery and guesswork out of the ISEE, and get on track to helping your child achieve his or her greatest potential.

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