Hunter College High School Test Tutoring

Hunter College High School offers what many New York City parents believe is the best public education in New York City. The Hunter Test is the only means of gaining admission into the school and 7th grade is the only entry point for the high school.

Many families with “gifted and talented” children target Hunter years in advance, and hundreds of the city’s brightest 6th graders sit for the entrance exam each January. The competition is formidable, tension runs high, and only a small percentage of students are admitted based on how they stack up against their peers.

Here’s the good news: At Next Level Learning, we have developed our own practice Hunter Test materials derived from decades of feedback from students who take the exam each year. Because there are limited practice materials available and no official published tests in circulation, the fact that Next Level’s simulated Hunter Test content is based on actual exam material is especially valuable to students preparing for the Hunter test.

Next Level’s Hunter Test instructors work in-depth with students on all sections of the exam, including reading comprehension, math multiple choice, and the written response. Our instructors are also mindful of the role pressure plays in taking the Hunter Test, and they therefore place special emphasis on managing anxiety on test day.

For many students, the Hunter Test is the first time they are taking a standardized exam that will have a significant impact on their future, and anxiety can be a substantial factor. While Next Level instructors and learning specialists are experts at helping students contend with anxiety, the best way to mitigate anxiety is getting started on preparation at least six months prior to the test.

If you want a clear advantage on the Hunter test for your high-achieving student, please contact Next Level Learning.

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