Learning Disabilities & Differences Introduction

Having a learning difference (or learning disability) can impact many aspects of a student’s education, from academic to emotional. Often, students are focused on what’s difficult to do, such as manage time, stay focused, infer correctly, process quickly, and they forget their brains are complex and powerful computers that make tasks easier. Our primary goal is helping students understand their strengths and how those strengths can be developed to mitigate their “disability.”

Next Level Learning has extensive experience working with LD students. We have a learning specialist on staff who supervises and trains our instructors to identify, value, and respond to each student’s learning style by employing strategies and techniques that enable the student to feel more confident about their schoolwork. With parents’ permission, we read and interpret neuropsychological evaluations, standardized score reports, grades, teacher recommendations, and other evaluative materials to tailor our tutoring methods to the specific and unique needs of the child. We also frequently coordinate our approach with the child’s school staff.

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