Summer Tutoring

What Sort of Summer Programs Does Next Level Offer?

Because Next Level Learning’s tutoring is all one-on-one, we don’t offer group lessons or structured curriculum in the traditional sense. Instead, Next Level provides personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions for virtually any subject, during which our expert instructors utilize our materials to create a customized curriculum that addresses each student’s unique personality, aptitude, and learning style. Students of all ages come for any number of sessions or length of time, and because we don’t work in groups we can arrange our schedule to meet the individual needs of our students.

For those taking a standardized exam in the fall, summer is a vital opportunity to make headway and avoid cramming, which can generate additional anxiety as students experience the pressure of both returning for the new school year and simultaneously adding test preparation. During the summer Next Level instructors help with all the subjects we tutor during the school year, such as academic support, standardized tests, foreign languages, essay writing, homeschooling support, the college application process, as well as tutoring for students with learning disabilities. And, of course, Next Level instructors also help students with summer assignments.

On occasion, students recognize that they would benefit from reviewing a subject that was especially challenging during the school year, and summer is an ideal opportunity to do so. Or if a student knows they’re taking a difficult class in the fall, Next Level instructors can help prepare a foundation for success in the new school year. No matter the subject or topic, Next Level instructors are available and ready to support students who want to use the summer to catch up, get ahead, or accomplish a specific objective.

My Child Will Be Distracted During the Summer…

Actually, our experience has shown that students tend to be less distracted and more focused during summer because they don’t have the demands of school, homework, and various extracurricular activities that are often suspended over summer.

And because so many of our students are abroad for summer, vacationing, at a summer home, or away at camp, Next Level’s professional instructors are available via video conferencing, which is a simple process that entails downloading free software to a video device, such as an iPad, Surface, Chromebook, notebook, laptop, MacBook, or any personal computer. For students at camp who want to maintain the continuity of tutoring, one of the aforementioned devices, a relatively quiet room or space, and a Wi-Fi connection are generally sufficient to conduct effective tutoring.

If a student has fallen significantly behind at school and needs summer to catch up, we encourage parents to consider either shortening the time at camp or skipping it altogether so their child can avail themselves of the opportunity to obtain tutoring support. During the school year we generally meet with students once or twice a week, but over summer we can meet as many times as necessary to ensure we carve out sufficient time to help students get back on track.

What If I Have an Unusual Request?

Over the years, parents have asked Next Level for support with a wide range of topics such as multiplication tables, “My kid never really learned them.” Other types of requests include, “Making inferences when reading,” “Writing papers even though she doesn’t have any to do right now,” “Picking books for summer reading,” or “Learning the first two chapters of an upcoming math textbook so he or she can start off the new year with confidence.”

Summer is an ideal opportunity to shore up a weakness and get ahead, or delve into totally new material to prepare for a challenging course. Regardless of the need, we are delighted to help with niche requests and can create curricula for any topics and subjects. Next Level instructors are highly skilled, experienced, flexible, friendly, and happy to help with anything a student would like to work on over the summer.

My Child Has a Job/Internship/Camp/Vacation and Our Schedule Is All over the Place. What Are Your Hours?

While students’ availability during the school year tends to range from the afternoon into the evening, our typical summer hours generally shift more to daytime. We can still arrange late afternoon and evening sessions, but they are less common during the summer. Nevertheless, Next Level appreciates that summer schedules can be inconsistent for some students and we are happy to be flexible and accommodate changing schedules whenever possible.

What’s Next?

For most students, summer is a time of greater flexibility and availability, which presents an opportunity to catch up or get ahead on schoolwork or preparation for a standardized exam. Please contact Next Level Learning to find out how our highly trained professional instructors provide the best summer tutoring in New York.

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