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What if I suffer from anxiety?

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The truth is that virtually every student suffers from some form or degree of anxiety, especially when confronted with an especially challenging admissions exam or academic subject. However, some students are able to manage their anxiety in a manner that doesn’t detract from or disrupt their objectives, while others may become incapacitated by even mild anxiety.

Anxiety affects everyone differently and we encourage students not to compare themselves to others. Anxiety is not directly correlated to intelligence or ability and even some high performing, straight “A” students suffer from severe anxiety when confronted with a test or subject that will have a significant impact on their future. In many instances anxiety may never have previously manifested in the student’s life and catches both parents and students by surprise.

Regardless of the cause, severity, or duration of anxiety, Next Level instructors employ methods and techniques that help alleviate anxiety. Also, we have learning specialists on staff who can meet with students affected by anxiety as well as collaborate with instructors to help guide tutoring in a way that minimizes the impact of anxiety and helps students focus on the task at hand.

If you or your child is suffering from anxiety, please contact Next Level Learning to find out how our highly trained staff can help address the factors that exacerbate anxiety and adversely affect performance.