Exeter Math Tutoring

Next Level Learning supports students with Exeter Math both here at our learning center in New York City as well as via video tutoring to anywhere in the world. Years of teaching Exeter Math online have validated that video tutoring can be just as effective as in-person tutoring, and our Exeter Math instructors routinely work with students located outside the New York region.

What Is Exeter Math?

Exeter Math is an integrated, problem-oriented, inquiry-based approach to mathematics that differs significantly from the traditional approach to math curriculum of presenting conventional problems with definitive solutions. While Exeter Math was originally developed at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, it has subsequently been adopted by a variety of public, private, and parochial schools throughout the nation. It was designed as a means of challenging students to dynamically solve math problems instead of using rote memorization of sometimes arcane rules. Exeter Math helps students learn to conceptualize problems in ways that foster analytical reasoning and independent solving skills.

Rather than working from textbooks, students utilize sets of 3,700 problems developed by the Exeter faculty, beginning with algebra and proceeding to multivariable calculus and linear algebra. The primary objective is to teach students to discover new ideas and techniques without being ushered through every step of the process, thus placing emphasis on discussing obstacles with teachers and freestyle collaboration with classmates. Students are typically given 8 to 10 problems to solve on their own for homework and then asked to teach their discoveries to classmates the following day. These problems require creativity and a touch of bravery to solve, since they generally don’t ask students to explicitly apply a learned fact or established theorem. Rather, they introduce the self-discovery of mathematical concepts.

How Can Next Level Instructors Help?

As one of the few learning centers that specializes in Exeter Math, our instructors utilize socratic teaching methods and techniques to tackle open-ended problems that help students incrementally grasp Exeter concepts and processes that can often bewilder students accustomed to traditional math. For students coming from a conventional math background, it’s not uncommon to become frustrated and perhaps even feel discouraged. However, once students are able to “get over the hump,” so to speak, and comprehend foundational Exeter Math concepts, comprehension accelerates and frustration transforms into mastery. Moreover, the satisfaction of learning Exeter Math can lead to a lifetime of appreciation and confidence in math.

At Next Level Learning, our highly qualified Exeter Math instructors support students enrolled in all levels of Exeter Math. We frequently help prepare students in the summer before they begin Exeter Math curriculum in the fall semester or quarter, but most students come to us once they’ve begun the course and feel behind. At Next Level our instructors know the material and concepts well and are adept at inspiring students to make Exeter Math tutoring fulfilling (and fun!).

Please contact Next Level Learning to find out how our Exeter Math instructors can help your child.

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