PSAT Tutoring Introduction

The PSAT exam is a shorter practice version of the SAT and is offered to students in high school twice, once in the fall of 10th grade and again in the fall of 11th grade. The 11th grade results identify students who qualify for a National Merit Scholarship.

While colleges don’t see PSAT scores, they are important exams because they provide students with two additional opportunities to get comfortable with the standardized test structure before sitting for the critical SATs. It can also help students recognize the extent to which focus or anxiety may be a factor in their performance.

The PSAT test serves primarily as a warm-up to the SAT with scores reflecting how students handle standardized test material and pinpointing where they need to focus in order to improve on future tests.

At Next Level Learning, we consider one-on-one PSAT preparation to be just as important as SAT preparation. Our professional PSAT instructors know that the solid foundation established during PSAT tutoring helps students approach the SAT with improved skills and confidence.

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