College Academic Tutoring

How Can Next Level help?

Next Level Learning’s professional instructors are experienced and comfortable working one-on-one with college students of all ages and backgrounds. Sometimes our instructors work with students who have matriculated to college for the first time, and other times they may be working with adults returning to college after a lengthy hiatus to finish degrees. Whatever the starting point or need, highly trained, friendly, expert instructors at Next Level can help students build skills, grow confidence, and excel in college.

Out-Of-Class Homework Support

Academic texts in college are considerably more complex than high school texts, and students can be stymied by more sophisticated language. Meanwhile, project-based assignments can be especially challenging. Next Level college instructors can clarify and review primary sources, textbooks, and lectures so students can better understand and assimilate new and more complex information.

Organizational Assistance

Many students attending college are in class far fewer hours than high school and sometimes make the mistake of thinking they have plenty of time to complete assignments. However, most eventually realize that even if a class meets only once a week, the assignment for the following week might be “read this book” and suddenly all that “free time” evaporates pretty quickly. Instructors at Next Level can help develop essential time management strategies and organizational skills so students can meet the more demanding expectations of college.

Research Support

College research differs from high school research in that college students have access to peer-reviewed journals and studies, and more sophisticated resources, often through private databases. This new system of researching takes some getting used to (no more Wikipedia and quick Googling!). Next Level instructors – many of them Ph.D. candidates themselves – can help college students develop effective research skills, from amassing materials to honing them into relevant material to be applied to the project at hand.

Writing Essays and Papers

Whether students like it or not, effective writing is a requirement of college academic life, and we can help. Next Level instructors can help with everything from brainstorming ideas and developing outlines, to refining final drafts. Please see our Essay Writing page for more information.

Test-Taking and Exam Preparation

For most colleges, midterms and finals are the only two means of assessment. Of course, this often increases test anxiety, which can get in the way of preparation. Next Level’s personalized, one-on-one support teaches students how to study for the big exams: how to take high-quality notes, ask more sophisticated questions in class, and methodically review materials.

Cramming for exams almost always adversely impacts performance by limiting the time devoted to schoolwork and generating unnecessary anxiety, which is why Next Level college instructors help students plan and spread out preparation in a way that builds knowledge and confidence.


College students frequently seek internships in their respective fields over the summer, and Next Level instructors can help brainstorm the search process, narrow down options, and help students secure meaningful summer internships that potentially lead to post-graduate hiring. Identifying and pursuing internships can be intimidating, and Next Level instructors can help minimize intimidation students may feel when seeking internships. One-on-one tutoring support with highly trained, friendly instructors helps college students balance the increased demands of higher education with an active social life and make college what it should be – rewarding and fun.

Video Tutoring Sessions

Because we work with students who attend college outside New York City, our professional instructors are available via video conferencing, which is a simple process that involves downloading free software to a video device, such as an iPad, Surface, Chromebook, notebook, laptop, MacBook, or any personal computer. Our instructors can help guide students through the downloading process.

What’s Next?

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