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Does Next Level have instructors who work with LD students?

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Yes. Next Level has learning specialists on staff who can work directly with students diagnosed with a learning difference (or learning disability). Our learning specialists also train and supervise our instructors work with LD students to ensure they respond appropriately to various learning profiles. We have many years experience working with students who have ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, processing deficits (including slow processing speed), and various executive functioning issues.

Some LD students harbor doubts about their intelligence and ability to overcome obstacles related to academics and school. Part of our job is to help them understand that they are as smart and talented as non-LD students, and they just need help understanding how to manage their LD in ways that make school and schoolwork less intimidating.

If your child has obtained a neuropsychiatric evaluation, our learning specialist can review the report and determine how to apply the doctor’s recommendations to address his or her unique needs. All evaluations are confidential. Please contact Next Level if you have specific questions related to your child’s LD.