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Does Next Level have instructors who can help adults?

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Next Level works with students of all ages, including adults who may be returning to college or graduate school after a career change, or perhaps even seeking employment for the first time. Adults typically come to our learning center during the day, as opposed to the after school hours when younger students attend.

Our professional employment consultants have worked with older adults who have been out of the workforce for some time, others who have been employed but are looking to change careers, and still others who are seeking meaningful employment for the first time. We have even helped some who only knew they didn’t like what they were doing but didn’t know how to move onto something new.

Next Level consultants can provide expert support for the myriad demands of seeking employment or changing careers. In addition to helping brainstorm a comprehensive strategy for exploring employment opportunities, our professional consultants can help with organizing job searches, completing applications, writing resumes and cover letters, practicing interview skills, and following up with prospective employers post-interview.

We appreciate how daunting it can be to pursue employment when you feel stuck or uncertain about how to proceed. Our kind, knowledgable, experienced employment consultants start wherever you need to begin and help you work your way from there, without judgment.

If you are an adult who needs support finding employment or changing careers, contact Next Level Learning for more information.