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How many sessions will it take?

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The number of sessions required to achieve the objectives of tutoring varies considerably depending upon a variety of factors, beginning with where the student stands with the material when he or she gets started. For example, if the instructor is teaching fundamental concepts that should have been learned at an earlier point, tutoring will entail more sessions. Or if the student is struggling with motivation it could take longer to get the student up to speed. Many factors impact the length of tutoring but our instructors and directors can generally make an informed assessment after two or three sessions.

Specifically in regard to school admissions, some exams test students for what they “should know” in a particular grade, and a student performing at or above grade level is generally well positioned to advance through tutoring more rapidly. Meanwhile, other tests challenge students to stretch and demonstrate proficiency with material that isn’t common for students at their grade level, in which case tutoring may involve introducing new concepts, which takes more time.

The best way to answer this question is to start with the first session and give our instructor an opportunity to present the material of a given test or subject and then evaluate the student’s knowledge and ability. At that point the instructor will be in a better position to make a more informed recommendation about how to proceed.