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Does finding “the right” instructor really matter?

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Perhaps the most compelling feature of one-on-one tutoring is the opportunity for an instructor to develop rapport with a student, which generally doesn’t occur to a significant degree in a group setting. An effective instructor/student partnership builds trust and fosters meaningful communication, which in turn engenders a collaborative environment that facilitates the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses and promotes practical pathways to improvement. As the relationship between the instructor and student progresses the student’s trust grows, engagement and motivation are kindled, anxiety diminishes, and confidence and performance improve.

Sometimes the bond between an instructor and a student develops immediately and other times it may take a few sessions. At Next Level we are experts at matching students with instructors who have attributes we deem to be a good fit for a specific student. After decades of assigning students to instructors, Next Level directors are adept at assessing a student’s personality, aptitude, learning style, expectations, and objectives to ensure each student is working with “the right” instructor.