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What should I expect at my first tutoring session?

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As with all new relationships, the first step is for the instructor and student to get to know one another. While we are eager to get on with the work as quickly as possible, it’s also important for the instructor to immediately begin building rapport with the student. Many studies (and decades of our experience) confirm that tutoring is significantly more effective when a bond of cooperation and trust exists between the instructor and student, which is why Next Level instructors are trained and encouraged to get to know their students (while also maintaining appropriate boundaries).

So the first session will involve an initial period of becoming familiar with the student’s personality, interests, aptitude, school experiences, extracurricular activities, and learning style, followed by clarifying the objectives for tutoring and the specific path to achieving them. While there is clearly a lot to cover in the first session, instructors will also spend as much time as necessary listening to the student’s doubts or concerns about tutoring, school, or upcoming exams. When students feel at ease with the instructor they will begin to relax and our work will become considerably more productive.