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Does tutoring work?

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This can be a legitimate question for families that are new to tutoring. As with any form of teaching, there is a direct correlation between the student’s motivation and effort he or she invests during tutoring sessions, and the outcome. In rare instances we have encountered students who are determined not to succeed for various reasons, and in such an event it is difficult or even impossible to achieve the established objectives or make meaningful progress.

An example of a situation in which a student might sabotage tutoring is when parents want their child to attend a particular school and the child prefers to stay at his or her current school or perhaps attend a different school than the one favored by their parents. If the child feels powerless to influence the decision, he or she may consciously or subconsciously resist, or even intentionally fail the requisite admissions exam as a means of derailing the parents’ plan.

Our recommendation for families who are new to tutoring is to ensure parents and children are on the same page with respect to the objectives and expectations set forth before tutoring begins. If parents are seeking a particular outcome and the student is seeking a different outcome, tutoring can become contentious and generate significant discord and anxiety, which will of course impede progress. It is therefore advisable for parents to have a wide-ranging discussion with their child about why tutoring can be helpful, clarify the objectives of the tutoring, and then entertain questions about working with an instructor. Ensuring children are fully informed prior to getting started with tutoring will position them for greater success.

If the parents and child are at an impasse and conflicted about how to proceed, we welcome you to meet with a Next Level educational consultant to talk about the ways in which tutoring support can be useful. Our staff has decades of experience working with students who feel conflicted about tutoring, and we are well equipped to provide answers to questions that put a child at ease and make him or her more receptive to cooperating with the prospect of tutoring.

Please contact Next Level Learning to discuss how our staff can support your child with tutoring.