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Can you predict whether a student will obtain a certain grade or achieve a desired score on an entrance exam?

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Next Level staff, instructors, and directors can neither predict nor guarantee results – period. Any tutoring service that suggests otherwise is being disingenuous. There are many factors that impact results, some of which Next Level instructors cannot influence. For example, not getting sufficient sleep the night before a test or a standardized exam can easily make or break a student’s performance. In some instances severe anxiety can emerge unexpectedly and prevent a student from thinking clearly and applying what they know during an exam.

Tutoring can make a significant difference in a student’s confidence and performance, but it’s not magic. In the final analysis results depend entirely upon the motivation and ability of the student. If students apply themselves during tutoring, their efforts will likely be reflected in the outcome.

The only promise we make is that our professional instructors are experienced teachers and experts in their fields who work diligently with their students to help them achieve their greatest potential.