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Can a parent or child care provider drop off a child or do they have to be present?

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There is limited seating at the learning center so dropping students off is preferable. Furthermore, we have found that some students are more focused when a parent isn’t waiting nearby. If a student is dropped off Next Level instructors can help ensure a child meets a parent in our lobby following the session, or the parent can return to the learning center for pickup. There are several wi-fi enabled cafes within a block of the learning center. If a parent or care provider chooses to stay they are welcome to use our wi-fi but cell phone calls are not allowed to be used inside the center. If a call is necessary we ask you to please step out into the hallway. We also ask that cell phones or other devices be muted while you are in the learning center.

Please be aware that instructors are always happy to greet parents and care providers but they will avoid speaking directly to parents about a student’s progress either before or after a session. Speaking to a parent in front of a child is awkward and causes unnecessary anxiety in a child who feels put on the spot or analyzed in front of adults. Is it always advisable to contact the learning center separately if you have specific questions or comments about tutoring.