Academic Tutoring

No Two Students Are Alike

Students come to Next Level Learning for tutoring because we provide the best one-on-one tutoring in virtually every subject and grade, from elementary school through postgraduate programs. Our highly trained, professional instructors work with all grades of both private and public school students, and are therefore well-versed in the demanding curricula of New York’s most competitive schools.

At Next Level we recognize that the relationship between the instructor and student is key, regardless of the age of the student. Without meaningful rapport, it’s difficult to make substantive progress. Our expert academic instructors possess outstanding interpersonal skills and are exceptional at building connections with their students. Once a favorable connection is established, the instructor can design a personalized tutoring program based on the unique learning style, aptitude, and personality of each student. With the strategy in place, progress will accelerate and the student will be on a constructive path toward achieving the objectives of tutoring.

It’s All About the Fundamentals

Four primary factors impact academic achievement: knowledge, organization, research, and study skills. At Next Level Learning our tutors begin by assessing these four fundamentals to ensure the student is approaching assignments efficiently and with a clear understanding of the objectives of tutoring. Once the student is on board with the essential purpose and value of tutoring, the instructor can establish a comprehensive framework for moving forward.

For example, we have found that many students struggle with organization in their daily lives, which can have an adverse impact on both schoolwork and tutoring. Our initial evaluation will determine whether this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes students have all the elements of the subject well in hand but need help putting concepts together in a coherent form. Other times, students simply need support identifying the resources to research or obtain critical information for their assignment. Still others may not have learned proper methods or techniques for studying, and the most important thing our instructor can do is help develop a study plan for the student. And on occasion, students have to “relearn” a particular concept or review material that he or she may have missed or didn’t properly assimilate the first time around.

For many students, working with a Next Level instructor is the first time they have received explicit support learning how to approach schoolwork in an orderly way that makes sense and avoids chaotic scrambling.

Every Student has Unique Goals

At Next Level our professional academic tutoring can assist students with varying objectives, whether it entails catching up, maintaining excellent grades, or striving to excel and perform beyond their current status. Sometimes the work is simply a matter of filling in a missed concept; other times it may entail delving thoroughly into course material; and for some students it’s about working ahead of the class by learning material that hasn’t been covered by their teacher yet.

Next Level’s highly skilled instructors are flexible and able to work with any student’s educational goals. Our professional academic instructors are experts in their fields and well positioned to support students from the elementary level through post-grad programs at highly challenging schools.

To obtain the best academic tutoring in New York, contact Next Level Learning to assess your child’s progress and ensure he or she receives a level of support that helps ensure success. And if you’re a college student or post-grad student, we also offer college support to help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach to Tutoring