Remote Tutoring With Next Level Learning

For over a decade Next Level Learning has provided one-on-one remote tutoring for students who prefer distance learning, including those in other states and countries. Sometimes our students are away from the city for vacation, the summer, studying abroad, confined to home due to an illness or injury, or remote tutoring is just better for their schedule. Not having to come by our learning center or arrange to have an instructor come to their home can be more convenient.

All Next Level instructors are trained to conduct effective online tutoring sessions, and all of them have many hours of experience working with students via the internet. Instructors are able to share screens, produce and present material stored on our drives, as well as generate and send material to students when needed. Working almost exclusively via video connections over the pandemic has enabled us to perfect our remote teaching skills, and our online tutoring sessions are even more productive than ever.

Next Level instructors can provide consistent support and be an effective resource for your family as your child navigates their school’s remote instruction. Our one-on-one video tutoring has proven to be as successful as in-person instruction, and many of our families appreciate not just the support but also the convenience.

Online tutoring takes just seconds to set up on almost any device, Mac or PC. Our staff can quickly guide students through the simple steps to establish a video tutoring session.

Whether you’re a new student or a current family looking for online tutoring support, Next Level instructors are preparedto help. Please call (212) 957-9100 or use this form for obtain more information.