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SAT Subject Tests

Are the SAT II and SAT Subject Tests the same?

Yes. Formerly known as the SAT IIs, they are now referred to as SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Subject Tests demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in five subject areas: English, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Languages. Each test lasts one hour and all questions are multiple choice.

Should I take an SAT Subject Test?

Some colleges require SAT Subject Tests for admissions or placement. The simplest way to decide whether you should take one of these tests is to check the website of the institution(s) to which you are applying. While some schools don't require any, others may require as many as three. Keep in mind, however, that even if your college doesn't require an SAT Subject Test for admissions they may recommend one to assist in placement.

What if I'm taking the ACT instead of the SAT?

Many colleges accept the ACT in place of both the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. Others may request one or more SAT Subject Tests in addition to the ACT. As always, check the website of the institution(s) to which you are applying for specific requirements and recommendations.

When are they taken?

Most students take SAT Subject Tests on various dates in their junior or senior years of high school. It is a significant advantage to take a Subject Test at or near the end of the corresponding course while the material is still fresh.

SAT Subject Tests tutoring makes the difference.

SAT Subject Tests are straightforward exams designed to measure knowledge of material that should have been covered in classes taken by the student. However, unlike the regular SAT exam deductive reasoning isn't as useful for SAT Subject Tests. SAT Subject Tests are more of a "you either know it or you don't" situation, which means preparation and practice are imperative. During personalized, one-on-one tutoring our SAT Subject Tests tutors review classroom material and work through practice questions similar to those that will appear on the tests. In addition to focused review of the material, tutors work with students to develop test-taking skills and strategies that build confidence and help reduce anxiety leading up to the test.

The amount of SAT Subject Tests preparation will vary based on how well the student knows the material. Contact Next Level Learning for a complimentary consultation to discuss how New York's best learning center can ensure your student is prepared for the SAT Subject Tests.

"Our son's confidence has grown immeasurably in the time he's been seeing his tutor at Next Level Learning. We are grateful that he's had this opportunity to develop new testing skills."
- Margaret D.,
Parent of Beacon High School Student