For general academics and homework support
students benefit most from focused attention with a private tutor.


No two students are alike.

Students come to Next Level Learning for New York City tutoring because we provide personalized, one-on-one tutoring in virtually every subject for every grade. We work with both private and public school students so our tutors are well versed in the demanding curricula of New York's finest schools.

At Next Level we recognize that the unique relationship between the tutor and student is key. If that doesn't work, nothing else does. Our professional tutors design a personalized tutoring program based on the individual personality and learning style of each student that will achieve the quickest and most desirable results.

It's all about the fundamentals.

Three primary factors impact academic achievement: organizational, research, and study skills. At Next Level our tutors begin by assessing these three fundamentals to ensure the student is tackling assignments efficiently and with a clear understanding of the essential expectations and objectives. Many students struggle with organization in their daily lives and this initial evaluation establishes a framework for moving forward.

Next Level provides academic support for:

  • English Language Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • U.S. and Global History
  • Humanities and Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences

For the best tutoring in New York, contact Next Level Learning for a complimentary consultation to assess your child's academic progress and get started today.

"I am really impressed with the way the educators at Next Level Learning connect with kids...and get results. This is my top tutoring destination in New York City."
- Allan Ishac, Author,
"New York's 50 Best Places
To Take Children"