Next Level Learning is one of the city's few learning centers
offering test prep for Catholic high school admissions.


Should I take the TACHS or the COOP?

The COOP (Cooperative Admissions Exam) is an entrance exam used by many Catholic high schools throughout the United States to select candidates entering 9th grade. However, Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens and the Archdiocese of New York have adopted the TACHS (Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools). If you intend to apply for admission to a Catholic high school in any of the five boroughs you will have to take the TACHS, which is administered to 8th graders every November at various Catholic schools across the city.

What's on the test?

The TACHS consists of approximately 200 questions and measures academic achievement in reading, language arts, and mathematics, and also assesses general reasoning skills. Although the TACHS lasts almost three hours with instructions and breaks, the actual test time is approximately two hours.

Our proven TACHS preparation.

As always, preparation and practice make all the difference. For 12 years Next Level Learning has been the foremost authority in New York City for TACHS preparation. Our expert tutors know the material that will appear on the TACHS exam and our personalized one-on-one tutoring program will ensure that your child is prepared to get an outstanding result. Next Level's TACHS tutors are sensitive to the way in which pressure can adversely affect performance, which is why our TACHS prep is designed to alleviate anxiety and improve test-taking skills.

Contact Next Level Learning today for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your child's needs and devise a strategy to ensure he or she gets the best possible score on the TACHS and goes to the Catholic high school of their choice.

"I didn't know what to expect from the TACHS, but my tutor at Next Level knew what would be on the test and helped me prepare. It really helped!"
- Danielle F.,
Student, Dominican Academy