Only 15% of candidates get into Specialized High Schools.
With individual tutoring from Next Level your child can be one of them.


A difficult test. An easy choice.

At Next Level Learning we have prepared students for the SHSAT for twelve years, which means we know the material that will appear on the exam and our personalized, one-on-one SHSAT prep will ensure that your child is positioned to get an outstanding result. Not every student has the aptitude or aspiration to attend a Specialized High School, but for those who do we have a proven approach to SHSAT tutoring that's been cultivated from more than a decade of hands-on experience helping students perform to their greatest potential.

Some students begin SHSAT prep as early as the 6th grade. As with all tests, SHSAT preparation and practice make all the difference. For most kids it's vital to get started as early as possible to avoid adding unnecessary pressure as a result of "cramming" before the exam. At Next Level Learning our SHSAT tutors are sensitive to the way in which pressure can adversely affect performance, which is why our test preparation is designed to alleviate anxiety and improve test-taking skills that are relevant to the SHSAT.

Why is the SHSAT such a big deal?

With the exception of LaGuardia High School, students who want to attend any of New York City's elite Specialized High Schools are required to take the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admission Test) to be considered for admission. The competition to get into these schools is intense and the SHSAT is challenging. No other factors, such as grades or interview, are considered for admission, which means an outstanding test score is crucial.

When is the test taken?

The SHSAT is administered in November to all 8th and 9th grade students living in New York City.

What's on the SHSAT?

The test is 2 hours 30 minutes long and consists of two 75-minute, multiple-choice sections:

  • Verbal: Contains 5 scrambled paragraph questions, 10 logical reasoning questions, and 30 reading comprehension questions.
  • Mathematics: Contains 50 problem solving questions in basic math, algebra, probability, statistics, and geometry.

Contact Next Level Learning today for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your child's needs. We will design a strategy to help your child become one of those elite students who attends a Specialized High School.

"I was starting to get nervous about taking the Science High School test. My tutor went over lots of practice questions and helped me feel less scared. I did very well."
- Ashley G.,
Student at Stuyvesant High School