One-on-One SAT prep is the most efficient way
to overcome test anxiety and improve scores.


The ABCs of SATs.

The SAT is administered to students on various dates during 11th and 12th grades. Students typically take the exam twice, allowing enough time in between for additional practice and focused test preparation. The SAT is an important event in a studentís high school career, requiring great stamina and concentration. A professional SAT tutor can help students prepare for the SAT and feel confident in their ability to get an outstanding score.

The PSAT exam is a shorter practice version of the SAT and is administered to students in the fall of 10th and 11th grades, providing two additional opportunities to get comfortable with the test structure without the pressure of having to submit scores to colleges. While the test mainly serves as a warm-up to the SAT, scores reflect how students handle the test material and pinpoint where they need to focus in order to improve on future tests.

One-on-One tutoring works best.

Some tutoring programs offer SAT test prep in a group setting, which numerous studies have shown is precisely the wrong environment in which to prepare for rigorous exams. The SAT encompasses a great deal of material and can be overwhelming. Students realize the SAT will have a significant impact on their future, which often results in increased anxiety that can become a major factor affecting test performance. That's why the challenges of the SAT are best addressed with personalized, one-on-one tutoring in which an SAT tutor focuses on developing specific skills, techniques, and strategies that complement the student's individual learning style.

Depending on whether students have taken the test before, SAT prep begins by either assessing previous score reports or administering a diagnostic exam to determine the student's current level of ability and establish a starting point. In most cases students should allow at least six months for SAT preparation to ensure they are academically and psychologically prepared for test day.

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