30/30 Program

In addition to our regular one-on-one tutoring (for academics and test preparation), Next Level is pleased to offer a new program designed specifically for this challenging era of remote learning.

30/30 Program: Two Weekly CheckIns (30-Minutes Each) to Organize Schoolwork and Keep Students on Track

Especially in this COVID environment, tension between parents and students regarding school and schoolwork has ratcheted up. Having a “neutral instructor” check in on a student’s work to help keep them focused and motivated provides an opportunity for parents to take a step back, and for students to take greater ownership and responsibility for meeting their obligations.

In periodic half-hour long sessions, the instructor will log into the student’s distance learning platform to help them organize school assignments, budget study time for the week, and develop strategies to address and resolve obstacles. The instructor will track the student’s progress and hold them accountable for staying focused, completing work, and meeting deadlines. Our instructors are well-trained in a wide array of academic subjects and can clarify confusing content and provide impromptu tutoring support during 30/30 sessions, as needed.

The instructor will meet with the student at the beginning of the school week to assess the workload and help devise an effective plan to complete each assignment. Toward the end of the week they will meet again to evaluate progress, confirm the status of the assignments, and identify any additional action that needs to be taken. After each session, the instructor will write a session report with a recap and to-do list and email it to the student and parent(s).

Please contact us for more information about how we can help your child get on track and stay on track with schoolwork.


Next Level Learning reserves a number of sliding scale slots for families who can demonstrate financial need. Please contact us for more information.